Slim Whitman Invitational
2004 Champ - Jack Hooper
Happy Holidays, fellow Slimers!

As Christmas nears, we all share with friends and family the love and beauty this time of the year represents. It also reminds us that there are those who are no longer with us. Sadly, the class of '65 lost a dear friend when Eugene Swetlik died recently. Our deepest sympathies go out to Bro Ove who was close to Geno and with him when he died.

So, a glance back to the June '04 Slim event at the Sands. How does a guy go from the "boner" trophy in '03 to the green jacket in '04. Having amassed a huge handicap didn't hurt, but as I'll explain, I'm claiming divine intervention as the deciding factor. Here's what happened: the final 27 holes were as follows: first 9 shot a 59, next 9 shot a 60. It certainly looked at that time that I wasn't gonna get a shot at the title, but I would keep my monster handicap for next year.
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Then, something magical happened. I heard a voice inside my head saying, "hey slimhooperman, this is God* speaking...don't make me come back down there and caddy for you for another playoff." Then I proceeded to shoot a 45 on the last nine including a last hole 4 putt which lead to a one stroke victory. As improbable as the Red Sox World Series victory and the Packers being in first place, it is an honor to join the hallowed ranks of Slim Champs. I'll always remember the feeling of Rabs putting the green jacket on me, kissing the trophy while at the same time kissing my handicap GOOODBYE!

Also had the opportunity to join Ove, Rabs, Scout, Smurf, Drew and Paul for the Fall Classic. Ove and Drew battled it out in overtime with age and experience overcoming youthful exuberance. I can't remember who won the liars dice competition, but neither can anyone else. Good luck to the Western Slim participants in Feb. We'll all be thinking of you while we're back here in Beersconsin freezing our putters off.

So Slimedudes, let's hope the long winter months pass quickly so we can look forward to our annual summer deer camp experience at the Sands where we can once again participate in the athletic pursuit of golf while indulging in just the right amount of self-destructive behavior. Until then, we can amuse ourselves with Slimenet banter. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and please Santa, bring Stumper a new finger.

*Thanks Jonsey,

Slimhooperman, '04 Champ