Slim Whitman Invitational
2008 Champ - Bob Warren
Well, it's been a historic year hasn't it? An African American is nominated president of the United States. The term "Bail Out" is forever engrained in our financial psyche, and low and behold little Bobby Warren hits the Mother Lode of all golf events by winning the 2008 SLIM WHITMAN INVITATIONAL. Let me pause and reflect upon this great feat. [ P R E G N A N T P A U S E ] Granted, just being invited and participating in this grand event is an honor in itself, but winning it, and winning it on the 30th anniversary, the diamond anniversary, leaves me humbled and speechless. The moment is still engrained in my mind as my rookie of three years ago, Ricky, the 2007 CHAMP, transferred the hallowed Green Jacket to me. I can still feel that impervious, green polyester cascading over my shoulders like it was yesterday.

But winning the SLIM is not a victory over other SLIMERS. Rather, it's a victory shared by all SLIMERS because all of you have contributed (in your own special way) to this victory. This philosophy dates back to my first SLIM in 1997, playing my first round on Thursday with Lab Boy, a guy who took me under his "Redwing", and offered me helpful advice like "Hey Bobby, that's a nice swing but I think you could hit the ball a lot further if you would just change a few things".
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And this sincere and conscientious help continued (to no avail through all of my subsequent 11 years of competition) until finally, on two days in June 2008 it all came together and I finally played to my damn handicap! It started with Thursdays round and some tough love (easy Janne) from my Wingman Johnny Jensen. John was always there for me, continually encouraging…..well, continually trash talking me "to toughen me up for the championship round" so he said. How did he know I was going to make the Championship round?

That kind of support continued into Friday playing with Rabs, Janne, Muley and Ove. A five-some made in heaven. A five-some I really needed on Hole Number 10 where I started a self-destruct sequence by dumping four, maybe five balls into the water. But again, as always there was always a SLIMER there to stop the insanity. Good 'ole Rabs, the wise SLIME Sage who, after ball number five went into the water offered encouragement by saying, "Hang in there Bobby, the SLIM is never won or lost on one hole" and to Muley who, on that same WTF hole, quickly re-mathed and said "You got an 11 not a 10!" F. M! This kind of support epitomizes the saying "No man is an island until he tries to land a god damn golf ball on one!"

So thank you Brothers. I couldn't have done it without you. In my book you're the CHAMPS. I look forward to seeing all of you again in June.

Swing Hard,