Slim Whitman Invitational
2011 Champ - Ove (Preface from Rick)
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Preface: I'd like to thank the Golden Sands for attempting to make me the Champ of 2011. In the back of my mind, I knew I didn't play well enough to win, but in the Year of the Cummers, who knows what can happen.
Ove took ownership of the trophy and New...stylish...Green jacket at the Fall Classic. And the world was once again aligned correctly.

Merry Christmas Slimers! Hope to see 34 for the 34th!

Fellow Slimers,

Now to Slime-Time:
First and foremost I have to mention the great Sportsmanship of our de-muled champion Rick! I played with Rick for the complete event and he kept saying "I can't be winning I'm playing so shitty" I thought he just had too many strokes. We were both correct. Let's just blame the whole thing on Jim & Deb drinking a couple 2 or 3 mules to many and get on with

Last year was a great time - the only exception being those MISSING IN ACTION. Big G pushed for 33 at the 33rd and we ended up with only a dozen "CUMMERS". The Thursday lady's league was not disappointed but some of the boys were foot-sore from dancing come Friday morning. Smurf was so confused by the end of Thursday evening he left a full scotch sitting on the bar - now Jim didn't want Smurf to feel cheated so he had it sitting there waiting for him Friday AM and Smurf - the SLIMER HE IS - took it along in the cart even though he already seemed stemmed.

The excuses for not making the event were all real and understandable but it's important to note that Scout, even with a newly
broken back mounted up (easy Janne) to caddy and dispense the rules. With that said we hope that all of you who missed the fun can make it this coming year.

do think you'll need a hand written excuse to get through the HC meeting without some damage and we all know the strokes are getting more and more important - just ask Rick & Rabs.

I hope that the Minnesota group can cum in tow with Big G and John Boy. Big Dan, Rick, The Chetster and Gary Iooooocoooo (who we think is a past champ) were all missed. IF Big Dan had been there for guidance and support the G-Force might be wearing the green jacket instead of finishing 3rd no I mean 2nd.

The Chicago boys were also missed. Hell the cart-girls were so depressed without Whore-Hound's presence or
persistence they almost went on strike. Having a year without any Bruce (big or little) seems a sin and Jeff needs to come and work on his putting. Dickey Do where are you? The Don'ts want to know.

Dale, Perk, JP, Uncle Dick, Janne, Johnny J, Fergy, Jim, The Colonel, STUMP and of course RABS, without all of you it's hardly
Slime Time. It's like Slim singing without Yodeling. You guys are what this event is all about, FRIENDSHIP.

We've lost too many Slimers to the Golden Sands of Time and hope to see all of you at the Golden Sands of Cecil come

A couple of updates should be mentioned.

1. Rick made a comeback at the Fall Classic that needed no review. He shot 80 and ran away with it.
2. Gary and Bobby won the Warren Open but Danny won low gross or net and got the Warren Green Jacket.
3. Muley and Ove were Team Champs at the Slim.
4. Stump teased us all for another year and Smurf was "oh sooo lonely".
5. The SWSEW is being planned for Sunny Florida February 15th, 16th. 17th & 18th , I hope and all are invited. Rick you have the only chance at "The Slim-Slam". (I believe Greg is the only Slim-Slam title holder in THE HISTORY OF THE SLIM).

Finally, I consider myself very lucky to have won for the 3rd time - even with the strange scoring mishap but if I'm going to
physically hold the trophy for 1 year I'll just have to WIN THE 34TH.


You're Humble (ha) 2011 Champ,