Slim Whitman Invitational
2012 Champ - Smurf
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My fellow Slim Whitman Invitational invitees:

Some memories of Slims past:

Rookie year 2000
o Met all, and embarrassed none. Played a respectfully non-threatening tournament.

o Bought Dick Urban, and anyone else who asked, an embarrassing number of drinks.

o Drank my sponsor Jack Hooper under the table (admittedly an easy task) but he was in bed by 8:30!! (Thanks to whoever it was who put him there.)

o Listened to an amazingly coherent (considering the consumption) discussion between Ove and the aforementioned Urban on the efficacy of schools. I doubt either remembers it.
o Suffered an injury to my right forearm and played the last 28 holes of the tournament in pain severe enough to warrant constant medication. (No not liquid)

o Thoroughly enjoyed the fellowship and made many new friends.

Second year 2001
o Assisted in the rescue and rehabilitation of the honorable Stump. Gave moral support and monitored his condition for the remainder of the Wednesday practice session.

o Reunited the Warren clan with their long-lost childhood friend, by sponsoring the now famous, Bill "Boomer" Buth. (The guy whose opening tee shot went between his feet.)

o Guided my sponsored rookie Buth in the nuances and necessity of proper behavior resulting in the selection and presentation of "The Hat" to the Mulemeister (Additional stars would have followed), and his stunningly successful appeal to the Handicap Committee.

o Drank "Navel shots" 'til 2:30 in the morning on Friday and arrived bright-eyed and bushy-tailed on the tee at 8:30.

o Played with passion and finesse to a second place finish in the team competition, with my esteemed partner John Protz.

o Woke up deaf as a post on Saturday morning after a long night of drinking Scotch and diving for toe-rings at the Fireside. Stayed deaf until Sunday afternoon at the emergency care clinic where they flushed my ears and recorded a blood pressure high enough to be disturbing. (Told them I'd had a tough week)

Years 2002 through 2011
o Won third place in 2002

o Seemed to have lost the capacity to form long term memories which is probably just as well

Year 2012
o Won first place at the Slim

o Yakked during the playoff due to some abominable 90 degree Doctor (Some things you can't forget)

It's been a long road filled with fun and laughter and the occasional good golf shot.

As I write this, my first Champ's letter, I find that I keep thinking of one thing. When the outcome had yet to be announced, I received many best wishes and support from the field of players. "I'm rooting for you Smurf" "I hope you win it this year" words to that effect. I was humbled by the outpouring of good will. I was also fortunate not to have to play in a three-way playoff.

The camaraderie of this group is truly something special and we should all strive to preserve it. I look forward to defending my Championship in 2013, mostly just to see all of you once again.

Best regards,
Smurf - 2012 Slim Whitman Invitational Champion

P.S. That last line was fun to type…