Slim Whitman Invitational
2014 Champ - Glassman
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Happy New Year to All My "SLIM" Golfing Buddies,

The "Slim Whitman Invitational" - a tradition like no other. A lot of great memories for me since I was first "invited" by my sponsor - Dan (Muley) Warren. One of my best memories is from 2003 - my Rookie Year and the 25th Year of the Invitational. Dan had warned me that Rookies do not win, so I partied very hard and learned an expensive lesson - " always keep a close eye on your credit card at the Slim".

I need to use this opportunity to applaud the Handicap Committee for their diligence and fairness in setting up the Tournament every year. I find it quite remarkable that there have been 18 different winners over the past 20 years - only Rabs and Bobby have been crowned twice during that time. It certainly appears that everyone is given a fair chance - at least until they win - and so many different invitees have won the Championship. I think that's great!

2014 was finally my Year - and I will forever treasure the memory of both the golf and the camaraderie of those few days. I really felt like I was having an out of body experience. Consistent golf for 54 holes has never been - either before or after the 2014 Slim - a hallmark description of my game. So, I express my sincere gratitude to that special spirit that smiled down upon me - whoever it may have been. I can only hope and pray that it may choose to take control again at a future Slim.

My final comment is to the Handicap Committee - I am concerned that you may be setting the bar too high for at least one of the true veterans of the Slim. I am referring to my good friend and original Sponsor to the Slim - Dan "Muley" Warren. I was surprised to see that Muley is not one of the 18 winners over the past 20 years - his last Slim Championship was in 1992. Please think about it - I'd like to see Muley have a better chance to bring that drought to an end in 2015.

Thanks for the Opportunity, the Fun, and the Memories!

The Glassman - 2014 Champ