Slim Whitman Invitational
2016 Champ - Jim Brisch
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in the morning. After I final realized what had transpired I drove back to the friendly confines of the Fireside Inn to get ready for my first day of golf. But first I needed to stop at the Cecil Diner where everyone meets for breakfast. When I walked in I received a round of applause, hoots and hollering. What a beginning.

Then on to the Golden Sands Golf course. I would have to say this is the perfect place to hold the Slim at. You have 27 challenging holes with great people in the club house and out on the links. My partner that year was "Big Bruce". I think as a team we came in last place. I did not help my partner at all. But we had fun. The second day I was in the first tee off group. Our foursome did NOT improve our golf game that day.That was then and now I am writing the "CHAMP" letter.

So in closing, I welcome everyone, old and new. And with a little help from your friendly handy-cap committee and a little luck, you too can be a "Champ". We come to get together with old friends and meet new ones. To play some golf and have some fun. See you all soon.

Your "38th" Champ,

Jim Brisch

Greeting Slimers,

I would like to welcome everyone to the 39th annual Slim Whitman Invitational Golf Outing. I enjoyed and savored the hard fought battle of winning the 38th tournament. To come out on top with so many fine golfers was truly unexpected, but it was a long time to reach the top.

I still remember my first Slim. I have no idea what year that was and don't recall who invited me but I was eager to join in. I arrived at the Washington Inn at the designated time for the opening banquet and met quite a few of the characters (I mean golfers). After the meal and handy-cap meeting we all went down the street to a local tavern (can't recall the name). All I can remember is that it had great "atmosphere". The evening was just getting started. I was enjoying the camaraderie that night with refreshment in one hand and a cigar in the other. As time went on, the next thing I remember is hearing birds chirping and upon opening my eyes I'm sitting in my car in front of this tavern that we were at the previous night. It was 6am